Tooth whitening

Make your teeth crystal white! What can you do to make you smile like a Hollywood actor? Your teeth are yellow, and then red-brown (which is a typical color of an injured tooth), or far from being crystal white like pearls. You have a choice – either being ashamed of your smile or visiting a dentist to choose a reliable and modern way to tooth whitening.

Nowadays there are several whitening methods (clinical, domestic, etc). A well-chosen method produces a result of whitening up to 8-12 tones compared to the original colour of the tooth. Before choosing a suitable way for you, please consult with your dentist. In some cases, it is practically enough to allow 45 minutes for a usual tooth whitening in our clinic. In more complicated cases, it requires two visits to the doctor and wearing special splints with gel applicator applied.

No matter how much effort you had to make, above all, it is most important for you to be pleased with yourself every day looking at the photographs or in the mirror. We will try to make the process of treatment as comfortable and painless as possible.

In Dr Boguslavsky DMD Dental Clinic on Tishinka we offer a new ultramodern service – tooth whitening with a new ZOOM 3 lamp. This new whitening system Zoom is a new generation professional tooth whitening system. ZOOM 3 whitening is the most gentle of the existing tooth whitening procedures. Thanks to the finest gel Zoom, the enamel retains its original chemical composition and strength. Zoom tooth whitening is a soft and highly effective system, which allows you to lighten your teeth up to 10 shades in the short time. Experts claim that the result achieved can last a lifetime. The basis of the system include acid-free gel, which produces oxygen molecules when exposed to light. Active oxygen is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the tooth and remove strong pigmentation. The gel is applied to the teeth before whitening, which reduces their sensitivity. Lips are protected by photoprotector cream while all mucous membranes of the mouth are isolated. We also provide you with eye wear safety glasses during the treatment. The formula of the whitening gel contains amorphous calcium phosphate, which strengthens the structure of your teeth. Tooth whitening procedure is finished with active fluorinating, which eliminates teeth hypersensitivity. This procedure is much more effective than other teeth whitening systems, and in comparison with the methods of previous generations, Zoom whitening gives the most lasting effect. The result of whitening is maintained up to 5 years and is absolutely harmless to teeth and safe to health, which is confirmed by the results of many clinical trials.

Zoom whitening in Moscow has gained popularity among Dr Boguslavsky DMD Dental Clinic patients. We are proud to announce a special offer: Professional cleaning + ZOOM tooth whitening + domestic support using splints for only 21 500 roubles instead of 32 100 roubles OR Professional cleaning + ZOOM tooth whitening for 18 500 instead of 22 000 roubles. Offer available until the end of the year.