Therapeutic dentistry

- Caries treatment – Root canal therapy (endodontics) – Periodontitis - Tooth restoration

In case you have a toothache – do not ever put off a visit to the dentist!

It is necessary to relax and forget about the fact that as a child you used to be afraid of going to the doctor. Times have changed greatly and painless dentistry does exist now!

We are sure that we can help you in any case of toothache – either to restore your teeth, clean or fill the canals, or simply cure dental caries (tooth decay).

It is important to prepare for a visit to the dentist. It is better to give up alcohol at least one day before the scheduled visit, because alcohol reduces the effect of anesthesia. It is also important to inform your doctor of your allergic reactions to drugs (if any) and medicine that you take on a regular basis. In case you struggle with severe stress during a dental treatment, our dentist will be able to alleviate your condition. For those who are terribly frightened or panic of any dental treatment, we can offer treatment with sedatives (tranquillizers). We are confident that our doctors may offer any help you need at any time during your visit.