Teeth alignment (Orthodontics)

Do you wish your teeth were straight? We can offer orthodontics (bite correction). What do you associate with a talk about the need of bite correction? American comedy films, fat teens wearing braces or awkward kisses? Down with stereotypes!

The reality is that bite correction is absolutely necessary for various people (not always youngsters). Malocclusion can lead to regular throat and lungs diseases, pneumonia, and a lot of gum diseases. It also increases the risk of cavities and other diseases. In addition, it is connected with psychological problems: people are embarrassed to speak in public, sing or smile. However, this problem can be solved! There are not only ugly metal braces available! Dentists have developed many technologies, which allow you not to sacrifice your appearance while having bite treatment. Invisible (lingual) braces are very popular all over the world. They solve the problem of aesthetics better than old-fashioned ceramic braces. Braces are individually produced, selected and installed by the dentist. Make your first step towards your health!