- Dental care training - ultrasound odontolith removal - supragingival / subgingival stone - soft plaque removal - AirFlow technique

Stop putting off your visit to the dentist!

Even if you have no toothache, your visits to the doctor should be regular: at least once every six months. Preventive dentistry is very important because it helps prevent many of the problems and treat teeth at an early stage.

Take care of yourself, and let us take care of you.

A preventive clinic visit can be combined with the ultrasonic scaler odontolith removal and soft plaque removal (also known as a smoker’s plaque) by Air Flow technique. By the way, odontolith is not always visible (especially gingival), but there is still some danger to the health of the gums and teeth.


a) is a favorable environment for pathogens, contributing to tooth decay and gum disease; b) weakens the tooth-gum attachment, in consequence of which the tooth is loosened and eventually falls; c) is a cause of halitosis (bad breath).

The Air Flow procedure also makes teeth whiter, which gives you an additional aesthetic effect while having dental treatment. You will definitely have a beaming smile and a great mood. Our doctors will teach you to take care of your teeth properly at home. You will learn how to brush your teeth in a proper way, so as not to injure your gums. Please remember that competent care will provide your teeth with health for many years.