Now we treat and make a prosthetic appliance under a microscope. Our dentists specialize in using modern technologies in their work!

We are pleased to announce our long-awaited purchase: Dental Microscope Alltion (magnifies objects up to 30 times). This unique device is indispensable for the “difficult” root canal treatment and top-quality control during pulpit treatment. It allows you to increase the accuracy of preparation for prosthetics, as well as expanding our capabilities in the treatment of cysts of the tooth. This instrument has unique optics and special built-in lighting, which allows our doctors to see the smallest details and detect hidden cracks in teeth or prosthesis and a possible defect in dental fillings. In our clinic, we practice only the most advanced approaches to treatment to provide you with comfort and the best result. Dental treatment under the microscope is an ability to save tooth tissue. Operating microscope gives dentists the opportunity not only to carry out an accurate diagnosis of tooth canals, but also to determine individual anatomical features of the patient. Access to root canal using a microscope ensures a specialist visual inspection at all stages of the tooth treatment, and therefore, the best result. At the final stage, our doctor performs a step filling of the root canal so that it helps prevent cavities, which can later cause problems. We obtain a much more reliable and long-term outcome with this new equipment. Finally, it is the most important point for those who confide in our treatment of their health.