Graduated (with honor) from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR/RUDN). Internship at the department of pediatric dentistry. Clinical traineeship at the department of orthodontics (CNIIS).

Trained in clinics in Israel, 2011. Dr Virysova is a permanent participant of conferences, seminars and congresses of orthodontists. She conducts orthodontic treatment for children and adults, with various types of removable (such as kappa) and non-removable orthodontic devices. Diagnostics (TWG XCTD, myography MRI) and treatment of patients through all kinds of bracket systems aligners (Invisalign, Star smile), and others.

She works in a team with a maxillofacial surgeons, holds preoperative orthodontic preparation for surgery in maxillofacial area, attends a great deal of seminars and training courses in orthodontics in Moscow and elsewhere. Speaks English (Upper Intermediate level) and reads English medical literature on orthodontics.

1. 2011: Internship at the clinic in Israel Dr.Rafi Romano. 2. 2012: Interdisciplinary approach in the “Face” system: Aesthetics function. The golden era of orthodontics. Interdisciplinary approach to aesthetics and function. (Renato Coconi and Domingo Martin) – Saint-Petersburg, 2012. 3. Multidisciplinary treatment: looking for details (Professor Marco Rosa, DDS MDD, Orthod) - June 26-27, 2010 St. Petersburg. 4. «Improving treatment quality and efficiency by applying scientific biomechanics» (Charles J. Burstone, DDS, MS) 2-3 April, 2011 St. Petersburg. 5. «Basic course in modern orthodontics (Dr.Vittorio cacciafesta)» - October-December 2009 – Veliky Novgorod. 6. The Second International Congress: "Interdisciplinary aspects of modern dentistry" (Soyher MG, Salamakha AA Institute for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Dentistry) 09-10 / 12/2011 Moscow. 7. International fifth conference "Physiological characteristics of the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cranio-mandibular dysfunction" 28-29 Sep 2012. Moscow (Institute for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Dentistry). 8. International 4th conference "Functional aspects of diagnosis and treatment of cranio-mandibular dysfunction" 24-25 Sep 2011. Moscow (Institute for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Dentistry) 9. International intensive practical course "Functional disorders of the temporomandibular joint" Dr. Siegfried Leder 1-3 April 2010 Moscow. 10. The First International Symposium on neuromuscular dentistry 30-31 May 2009, Istra. 11. "Ortoimplants. No advertising" 19 September 2010, Moscow. 12. 3M Unitek Symposium «Adult orthodontics» September 30-October 1, Moscow.