Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics
It is recognized that even the most incredulous and nervous patients cannot resist the smoothness and painless manipulation of this doctor. A great dental training at one of the capital’s best universities (MSMSU) allows her to choose the most sustainable and top-quality treatment for the patients of our dental clinic.

As a child, she used to watch her father “treating teeth”. This for sure influenced her choice of the future profession.

1996-2001: studied at the Moscow Medical Dental Institute.

2003: training on “Prosthetic dentistry” at the Moscow Medical Dental Institute.

2010: “Implantology” course at the Moscow Medical Dental Institute.

Bella had training courses in the field of “Prosthetic dentistry” and “Direct and indirect methods of teeth restoration” several times. Now she regularly participates in conferences with other dentists from Russia and abroad. She is married and has two beautiful daughters aged four and eight. She is fond of foreign languages, enjoys travelling and skiing.