Periodontist, surgeon, therapist

Dr Anna Fevraleva has work experience since 2002. She is a graduate of Tver State Medical Academy and held the clinical internship at the clinic. She is a member of the Russian Dental Society.

Certificates and diplomas:

* “Teeth restoration with modern filling materials (such as composites), April 2003

* “Modern principles of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease”, June 2004

* Member of the 5th International Symposium “Modern surgical periodontics”, September 2004

* The Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry Surgical Periodontics. Basic Course. February 2005

* Attended a course of lectures focusing on clinical use of Emdogaim in periodontal regeneration, October 2005 straumann

* “Modern methods of dental restorations in prosthetic dentistry”, December 2005. PD Dr. Dr. J. Manhart

* “Aesthetics and function. Optimal results with composite fillings direct manufacturing at the front and side teeth “, November 2007, Assistant Professor Dr. Jürgen Manhart

* Certificate for participation in the course on “State of the art techniques in periodontal plastic surgery” December 2007 Prof.Wolf-Dieter Grimm, DDS, PhD, MSc Dr.Georg Gassmann, DDS, MSc

* Certificate for participation in the course on the topic: “Systematic treatment of chronic inflammatory-destructive periodontal diseases-Etiopathology, Diagnostics and Treatment concepts. Minimal-invasive Resective Periodontal Surgery “February, 2008 Wolf-Dieter Grimm, DDS, PhD, MSc Georg Gassmann DDS, MSc, Ass.-Professor

* Conference on orthodontics, organized by ZM Unitek, 6-7 October 2012.