Our Doctorsround-tooth

Ilya Shuklin
Chief Executive Officer
I have a habit of telling all our patients: “Smile more often, especially do so at yourselves in the mirror. Take care of what you see there”. Подробнее
Dr. Dmitriy Boguslawsky, DMD.
specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics
Anton Privolnov, a famous Russian TV presenter, who is known to evaluate the country’s highest quality goods, products and services, recommends our doctor Dmitry Boguslavsky DMD. He says: “Since 2005 I have trusted Dr Boguslavsky DMD at his own dental clinic on Tishinka. Now I am completely sure that he can handle the dental treatment with care and quality, which is most important for me. This my conscious choice.” You couldn’t have said that better! Подробнее
Dr. Bella Farbyazh, DMD.
Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics
It is recognized that even the most incredulous and nervous patients cannot resist the smoothness and painless manipulation of this doctor. A great dental training at one of the capital’s best universities (MSMSU) allows her to choose the most sustainable and top-quality treatment for the patients of our dental clinic. Подробнее
Dr. Gregory Volozhin, DDS.
Specialist in Implant Dentistry
This dentist has a talent to establish contact with any patient immediately. Probably, he inherited this gift from his father, a professor of medicine and senior lecturer at the Department of Surgery of the Moscow State Medical and Dental University. Soon you will learn more about the doctor’s achievements, work experience and schedule. Подробнее
Al-Hamid Catherine
Catherine is all about youth and experience. Having time to train in the world’s best clinics, she has a great deal of dental experience in Japan, USA and Israel. Currently, she is proceeding her 2-year training course in Austria. Подробнее
Anna Fevralevа
Periodontist, surgeon, therapist
Dr Anna Fevraleva has work experience since 2002. She is a graduate of Tver State Medical Academy and held the clinical internship at the clinic. She is a member of the Russian Dental Society. Подробнее
Olga Viryasovа
Graduated (with honor) from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR/RUDN). Internship at the department of pediatric dentistry. Clinical traineeship at the department of orthodontics (CNIIS). Подробнее