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1. Root canal treatment should be carried out only in case of strict indications: as a result of this treatment the tooth loses supplementary vessels and innervation ("nerve"), so that the tooth becomes "dead" and its material less durable. 2. Root canal treatment is not a simple procedure: make sure you choose an experienced specialist. 3. It is better for you to visit a highly specialized dentist-endodontist to handle the treatment. Even if such treatment is more expensive, it will save you time and have a greater chance of success. 4. The canal must be filled to the top of the tooth root (apex): this criteria can be easily evaluated by an X-ray. 5. Stereo microscope in endodontic treatment is indispensable. Root canals have a diameter of a millimeter, all the work is done inside the tooth at the micro level and certainly cannot be qualitatively performed otherwise. That is why in some countries (the United States), in accordance with the law, the doctor has no right to treat root canals without using a microscope. 6. During endodontic treatment, the tooth should be completely isolated from the oral cavity. For this purpose, the "Cofferdam" system (latex scarf) is is put on the tooth and isolates the working field. Thus, microorganisms cannot get into the saliva from the oral cavity into the canals, which the doctor tries to get rid of during the treatment of infections of all kinds. It goes without saying that a good dentist will be able to treat a tooth with no Cofferdam, but a very good doctor cannot do without it. 7. Unqualified root canal treatment leads to granuloma, which is inflammatory focus in the bone surrounding the root apex. The presence of granulomas is easily recognized on an X-ray. 8. Granuloma can be hidden for many years and then suddenly form an abscess - an inflammation leading to the purulent stage. 9. How do I know that the treatment has not been successful? If you notice a yellow bubble on the gum near the treated tooth, then the treatment did not give a proper result, and you should consult your dentist. If the canal was perforated with a special tool during the treatment (such complication is sometimes found), sometimes it can be “rescued" with a microscope. If the tooth after the treatment is spontaneously cracked / broken, especially if it was not protected by the crown, it must be extracted. 10. In the dental practice, it is not accepted to give guarantees for endodontic treatment. There are reasons: it is proved that even with strict adherence to all the rules of treatment, the canal cannot be 100% get rid of germs, i.e. be sterile. This means that after the treatment a lot depends on the patient's body, or rather, from one’s immunity. Despite this, the patient chooses a doctor for oneself. We hope that now that you know about the treatment of canals a lot, it will be easier for you to make the right choice.
Sick gums between the teeth.

Two weeks ago, I felt some pain in the gums between the teeth / tooth nerves have long been removed / the dentist found cavities and prescribed a treatment, but the gums are still hurting. What can I do about it?

Good afternoon. If the tooth is devitalized, it usually cannot cause any pain. Gums may hurt by ingestion of food if the contact point between the teeth is loose. To disallow the gums to hurt, it is necessary to make a tight contact point. The treatment of cavities without creating this will not lead to any positive results. In general, it is better to make a tooth crown for a devitalized tooth. For better diagnosis, please make an appointment with our dentist and come for a consultation: 8-499-254-96-71. We will be glad to help.

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Toothache during pregnancy

Good afternoon. Elena, 33 years old. Pregnancy for 20 weeks. From the very beginning of pregnancy I have been experiencing inflamed gums. No bleeding, but the gums are swelling and sometimes whitened. It feels like sore teeth. On the border of each tooth, there is a tooth decay, which makes brushing a very painful procedure. I tried a variety of toothpastes, but all my teeth start aching. I have to brush my teeth without any paste. I used Metrogil Dent as well. There are no results. The dentist advised to postpone brushing until the postpartum period. Now the plaque is very thick and the colour of the teeth is very dark. I have a question. Can I now at least treat the small cavities, and then undergo some other procedures (cleaning and treatment of gums)?. I'm afraid that the cavities will worsen before childbirth. My teeth hurt when drinking cold and hot or eating anything sweet. I regularly take painkiller “Nurofen”. But It has only a temporary effect. Tell me, please, how can I relieve the symptoms? Thank you.

Good afternoon. Let's start from the beginning. Teeth brushing is obligatory and it is categorically unadvisable to interrupt the procedure. Either you misunderstood the doctor or ... during pregnancy it is possible to make modern anesthesia. It is recommended to have treatment in the second trimester. Treatment during pregnancy should be carried out even if there is an urgent situation. Now what concerns your gum disease. There is such a diagnosis as gingivitis of the pregnant. During pregnancy some hormonal changes occur and bleeding and swelling of the gums can happen as well. But at the same time, quality and hygiene (no plaque) is necessary. I recommend you to come to us for a consultation for a more thorough examination and recommendations. Sincerely yours, Dr Boguslavskiy DMD.

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Pulp extraction

Good afternoon! The nerve of the upper 6th tooth was removed (without arsenic, under local anesthesia), the doctor said that the bite can hurt for a few days. X-ray is all right. During the first week I had a terrible toothache at night. Is it a normal reaction? Thank you!

Good afternoon. Modern dentistry uses arsenic in extremely rare cases, so the pulp extraction in one visit is correct. Now as an answer to the question, we can say that it is probably that not the entire nerve was removed (i.e. there was some canal skipped), especially, this can happen in the upper sixth tooth. be that not all the nerves removed (ie skipped channel), especially, this is often in the upper sixth tooth. There are often 4 canals there, but doctors find only three of them. The tooth could be hurt, but it usually last for not more than 3 days. It is better to come to a consultation, so that we could understand what is wrong about your tooth.

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Prosthesis whitening

Does a prosthetic bridge allow whitening?

Of course, it is possible. Prosthetic bridges are not whitened easily. It will probably be necessary to change it to match the color of the other teeth.

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I broke a tooth

Hello! Help! I really need a piece of advice. I am on a business trip for a long time, and it is not possible to visit a doctor. I broke a piece on the back of the tooth, along with a little piece of tooth filling. No reaction to hot or cold, no toothache. I have found CAVIT W 3M ESPE medicine in my healthkit. Can I use it? Are there any precautions? I found no instructions to the drug. The trip will be lasting for another 2 months. Thanks for the help. I will be grateful for your feedback.


Good afternoon. Your tooth have probably been already devitalized. It really needs a crown cover. At this point, in connection with your forced absence, you can either do nothing, if your case does not cause any discomfort to you, or enter visit a doctor, if you cut your tongue, gums and the like. You can try any material that you have to fill the cavity. Make sure you consult your dentist to solve the problem professionally. We will be glad to help.

Dr Boguslavsky DMD.

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